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It is estimated that over 30 million people in India suffer from various eye ailments. Goverment agencies alone cannot completely handle this gigantic problem. Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama has come forwar to do its mite in this field. Already the Sevashrama has conducted 15 eye operation camps in various parts of Karnataka with the help of local organizations. Over 380 cataract operations have been conducted so far. A band of eye surgeons and eminent ophthalmologists headed by Dr. C.R. Tirumalachar, Former Director, Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, and Former Director of Medical education, Karnataka are rendering free service in this work. The Sevashrama conducts Free Eye Camps in rural parts as well as in the urban areas. All these camps are free. All these activities need financial support. Philanthropists are giving helping hand from time to time. YOU CAN PLAY YOUR ROLE BY SENDING YOUR DONATIONS TO THE SEVASHRAMA




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